International Youth Exchange Programme 2016-17

Visiting Country : Poland

Tour Consultant: CoY Member, Mr Ronald KAN
Outbound Trip
  • 23 September - 3 October 2016
Inbound Trip
  • ---

Receiving / Visiting Country : Ireland

Tour Consultant : CoY Member, Ms Ashley TSE
Outbound Trip
  • 23 August - 1 September 2016
Inbound Trip
  • 1 - 8 August 2016

Receiving / Visiting Country : Japan

Tour Consultant : CoY Member, Mr Alex TOU
Outbound Trip
  • 16 - 23 August 2016
Inbound Trip
  • 15 - 20 September 2016

Receiving / Visiting Country : Australia

Tour Consultant : CoY Member, Mr Andy KWOK
Outbound Trip
  • 9 - 18 October 2016
Inbound Trip
  • 6 - 13 February 2017

Receiving / Visiting Country : Singapore

Tour Consultant : CoY Member, Ms Tina WONG
Outbound Trip
  • 16 - 22 February 2017
Inbound Trip
  • 9 - 15 January 2017


The International Youth Exchange Programme, jointly organised by the Home Affairs Bureau of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government and the Commission on Youth, aims to provide opportunities for youths to broaden their horizon and international perspective. It also renders them chances to exchange ideas and experiences with their counterparts in other countries.


The programme started in 1979 under the name of Commonwealth Exchange Programe with exchanges of youth between Hong Kong and Britain. In 1996, the scope of the programme was extended to cover other countries and has been renamed as International Youth Exchange Programme since then.

Qualities of a Youth Delegate

To become a Hong Kong Youth Delegate, one should:

Commitments of a Youth Delegate

The youth delegates should reserve time to participate in all related work for the outbound and inbound visits, especially two months before and after the overseas visit.


Local universities, Post-secondary Institutes, District Offices, Education Bureau, Social Welfare Department and the uniformed groups are invited to submit their nominations generally in the first half of each year. Selected candidates are invited to attend a selection board afterwards. Successful candidates will be arranged to visit a country as assigned by the selection board. The Hong Kong delegates will be responsible for receiving the overseas delegates when they pay their return visits to Hong Kong.